What is the True Transsexual Movement?

In today's world, Gender has become a subject of jokes and ridicule. The True Transsexual Movement is about reclaiming what it means to be transsexual, providing guidance to those wishing to transition and to separate true Transsexuals from so-called "Trendgenders". Being transsexual is not a joke, and we want to make sure it is taken as seriously by the rest of society as it is by us. We do not believe in all the ridiculous genders out there. We transition from Male to Female and Vice-Versa.

This is not a place for Crossdressers, Sissies, people with made up genders (no you can't identify as a slice of bread) or Transgender people with no intention of transitioning medically. Allies are welcome, but do keep in mind that this movement is designed for True Transsexuals so not all content may be relevant to you.


Who we are


The Founder:
Bree Almeida is a Transsexual woman who has been transitioning for over 10 years. During her journey, she has become very familiar with the struggles relating to Transsexual people, difficulty accessing Hormone Replacement Therapy and surgeries in some regions. Bree founded this movement in order to provide a community for like-minded transsexuals as well as to provide guidance and a safe space to people wanting to begin their transition.


The Nerd:

Bree's Husband

Built the site

Supportive Ally

Complete geek/nerd (chat to me about Bass Guitars anytime)