Dysphoria in a nutshell - The everyday Transsexual struggle - The everyday joke for trendsters .

“ I think how we each experience dysphoria tells volumes about why we experience dysphoria, and whether or not we have somatic gender dysphoria caused by opposite sexed neurons within sexed brain regions, like our stria terminalis, or psychogenic dysphoria, based on how our affected brain regions would change our experience:

Somatic GD, which most transsexuals experience, can't explain nobinary dysphoric reports:

They tried treating somatic dysphoria with with lab rats; but, even when they totally disabled the primary structure responsible for dysphoria, their emotional memory remained and they still exhibited similar reactions.

Synaptic connections form around our dimorphous regions responsible for innate sex recognition and physical awareness via white matter during cognitive and hormonal development, when we grow up; and, hormones, like dopamine, adrenaline, oxytocin, endorphins, and melatonin, all produce and get produced by emotions via hormonal interaction and regulation with our brain during neurotransmission. They're directly connected with our central nervous system and make our bodies act and react, automatically and instinctually, whenever we experience certain specific sensory input.  So, during development, how our emotional reactions get socially imprinted on our perception through our experiences get wired into our brains and become our foundation for all our future experiences, increasing or decreasing our hormonal responses through positive and negative reinforcement, like Pavlov's Dog:

Since hormone production and emotional intensity increase with constant exposure to stimuli and experiences, our dysphoria will continue growing unchecked unless sufficiently treated, furthering dysfunction through feedback and producing related psychogenic and somatoform disorders, like chronic depression, anxiety, hysteria, neuroticism, brain fog, and even broken heart syndrome and catatonia.

But, most transsexuals don't actually die from their untreated conditions degrading into total mental incompetence or overdosed adrenaline pushes from uncontrolled startle responses. They usually just die from comorbidities accompanying their despair or commit suicide.

50% Rule

Technically, our neurobiological basis for gender isn't gender identity but gender recognition, which gives us all our fixed perceptual starting point for our learned gender identity development and determines whether or not we think and feel like boys or girls.

Humans don't have structural gender identity, specifically, but we're all born with gender recognition capabilities resulting from how our brains form certain sex differentiated parts: i.e., our amygdalae, hypothalamus, and stria terminalis bed nucleus neurons. We developed gender recognition capabilities neurobiologically through hormone-neuron interaction because our brains evolved for socialization and human social relations have mating for their basis, just like other mammals. We can discern male humans from female humans before we're born, based on brain structure created specifically for gender recognition, so we can tell our mothers from our fathers; and, our brain regions for gender recognition have hormonal receptors based on sex which develop opposite our bodies when we're transsexual.

MtF transsexuals' brains physically develop sexed brain neurons like females where male sexed neurons would be, and FtM transsexuals develop male sexed neurons, reversing how transsexual people innately recognize gender. So, when we see ourselves and recognize our own gender, becoming aware around ages 2-4 years old, our gender recognition tells us we're one way, but our bodies tell us we're another

You can immediately identify gender dysphoria being neurodegenerative by how our internal self perception gets inverted, or flipped, and changes how we see and perceive ourself when we observe our own bodies. You see, human sensory perception doesn't actually show us our reality directly via our senses, but gets translated by the brain. For example, when our eyes see anything, they actually show us whatever we see upside down, and our brains flip their images right side up when they process them, neurologically:

Only, our neurological nerve processing works both ways. So, when our brains have a defect, they can actually alter our sensory perception and change how we see things:

Harry Benjamin called our unique inverse self sex recognition total psychosexual inversion and finally made sex changes legitimate; but, before, when transsexuals' conditions progressed because they went untreated, doctors tried curing us by other methods and couldn't. So, when we eventually went crazy, enough, we were thrown into mental asylums, treated with shock therapy, and- ultimately- given lobotomies:

Credit for this amazingly well written piece of information goes to our Honorary Sister : Tammy ( u/TranssexualBanshee on Reddit ) .

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