GTFO Gender-Trender Counterculture !

Updated: Feb 25

What is Counterculture? Counterculture is defined as a way of living one’s life in a way that is opposed to current social norms. It includes a set of attitudes, values and sometimes even uniform dressing among the members of the shared belief.

The Hippie movement of the 60’s and 70’s is a great example of this. These people referred to themselves as “ Freaks “ and “ Love Children “.

They were advocates of peace, their motives were to show opposition mainly towards the war and racism ravaging society during that time. Not only was it a movement, it became an identity and way of life for many to such an extent that many of the Hippies named their children bizarre names like “ Moonflower “ “ Twinkle Toes “.

During the 80’s there were hardly any Hippies left , their numbers were dwindling and by the 90’s nobody “identified” that way anymore.

Gender-Trending is the Counterculture of our era today. The shared objective as with previous Counterculture‘s is to oppose and battle current Social Norms , the norm being “ Oppressive Binary “ stereotypical roles as these people would say. To legitimise their trendster label they have argued that it is in fact a gender identity. Or lack there of ?!? They also assume that they are Trans.

The goal of any True Transsexual person is to treat their dysphoria by medically transitioning. The counterculturists argue that Trans people don’t need Gender Dysphoria to be Trans. Gender Dysphoria is the driving force of Transition , absence Of Dysphoria = a person who is not Trans.

Its time to expose them for what they really are , Counterculturists.

We will take back our T !

With everlasting love❤️

Bree Almeida

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