Let’s address a few concerns

TTM is a movement based on love by and for Transsexual people.

We are aware that our symbol may not seem the most inclusive with regards to Female to Male (FtM) Transsexuals. We are currently working on a new symbol for the movement, and are in the conceptual phase. We will consult with a professional designer to create a more inclusive and distinctive symbol.

We have also received criticism regarding our flag, so we would like to highlight the symbolism behind the flag, as the LGBTNQ++ community is recognized by all the different flags. The pink in the flag represents the revolution of taking back our T, good health, harmony, inner peace and femininity. The gold represents success, achievement, triumph, nobility and masculinity. The white represents unity among Transsexuals. Transsexuals have been among the most prominent fighters for LGBTNQ++ rights, and the crown represents the efforts and struggles that Transsexuals such as Sylvia Rivera have had in order to fight for LGBTNQ++ rights and liberties.

TTM has grown significantly since its creation, and with that growth, many members will have differing views and opinions. The primary goal of TTM is to create a safe space for all members of the LGBTNQ++ community, with each community therein having its own individual letter and space. Attitudes of any individual members do not affect this goal.

With regards to non-Transsexual Binary Transgender people, commonly referred to as Trans-femme or Trans-masc, TTM acknowledges these individuals. They may be non-dysphoric and as such would fall under the Q. Non-op Transsexuals are part of the Transsexual community, as they are Type IV on the Benjamin scale, and we are not excluding them from TTM.

TTM is not just a soapbox. We fully intend on helping and assisting Transsexuals in a variety of areas. The primary area is Healthcare. We are currently compiling a list of medical professionals that are sympathetic to the difficulties that Transsexual patients face. These professionals would be able to help Transsexuals more efficiently, and would be more skilled at performing FtM SRS and MtF Feminization procedures. A greater focus will be placed on this as TTM continues to grow. Once TTM has grown large enough, we will help fund research into new and more effective medical procedures for Transsexuals.

We are also aware that many Transsexuals are apprehensive of joining a movement, as they fear that they will have the privacy and anonymity impacted which may expose them to Transphobic behaviors. The privacy of our members are paramount to TTM. A TTM app will be released that will allow for secure communication between Transsexuals. It can be considered a combination of Reddit, Facebook and Discord. We are currently consulting with Cyber Security professionals to ensure that our members' privacy is preserved. When TTM begins hosting in-person events, creative methods will be used to preserve our members' anonymity, such as a masquerade ball themed event etc. Other methods will also be used to ensure that our members feel comfortable that their privacy will be maintained.

Now is the time for change. Change is in the air . Let’s do this !

With Everlasting Love ❤️


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