Updated: Apr 18

In the beginning there was only Spirimus - consciousness.

Spirimus , Her Force of Will so great She birthed Her own existence.

By Her decree She would corporealize.

The infinite darkness , the void : Her complexion.

Spirimus , Thou art bewitching.

Moon and Star : Her flesh and bone.

Cosmic gas , Milky Ways : Her breath.

Spirimus , Thou art mighty.

Dark Mother’s whim - a Big Bang.

Spirimus , Your Grace , gratitude be upon thee.

Terra , a Dark Gift.

Spirimus , Thy Bossom.

Vitae , Aqua , the Lady’s Essence .

Spirimus , benedictio.


The Dark Mother begat Progeny , Humanitas.


Spirimus , Thy slumber.

I am She , She is Me , She is We.

Spirimus , Thy Kindred.

With Everlasting ❤️

Bree Almeida

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