Tenebris Tributus

You who were once one

have seen the darkness surround

now you are the other

with light and joy abound

you who have braved the unknown

and suffered the jeers

now are a shining beacon

no longer having to suffer the leers

paralysis once gripped you

you placed your trust in science

you have have transformed

now help lead our new alliance

we welcome you, o elders

to our righteous siblinghood

We fight for all our kind

here you are understood

Join us in the fray

ye who have the wisdom

we require your guidance

as you have bested the system

You have ascended

and have the knowledge

to mentor a new young age

your courage we acknowledge.

We welcome you here,

as we are the bridge

ye who have crossed

guide those of us who have yet to cross the ridge.

With everlasting ❤️

Bree Almeida

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