Truphobia ( True Transphobia ) - Truphobia is ableism ! Gender trending is cultural appropriation •

” I’m a transsexual woman / man “ , such a simple statement. A statement of truth. Your truth. Sadly saying that in todays era will get you severe backlash, why ? Because transsexual people have been erased.

Transsexual people are real , we exist. We are the victims of a medical condition, as was proven by JN Zhou ( 1995 ) - the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis ( BSTc ) of transsexual people are identical to the sex they are transitioning to. Transsexual people are not sufferers of psychological distress like some transgender people , we are driven by a biological abnormality in our brain to transition.

Transsexual people up until now had no space of their own , our representative letter in the community acronym was taken and rebranded by the usurpist gender-trender community as “ Transgender “. For Transsexual people , it’s not a matter of identifying as a man or a woman like the false transgender people do - you either are transsexual or you’re not - you either have that brain abnormality or you don’t and if you don’t you are not transsexual ie you are not trans. It is a matter of fact , it’s not up for debate . You either are or you arent.

I don’t understand how some people who are not trans would so brazenly claim to be trans as if it’s the next best thing since sliced bread - you are not trans and claiming you are is mocking us true Transsexual people.

Erasure of what we are and our condition is akin to denying differently abled people like the visually impaired recognition of their condition. It’s wrong and it needs to stop - we will open the eyes of the masses to the injustice we are facing.

We stand by true Nonbinary people , who are are just as sickened as we are by everyone calling them trans ( transsexual ) lately. The only legitimate Nonbinary people are people who come from a culture where it is ingrained - like the Two Spirit people , with the only exception for people who have a formal diagnosis of non binary gender incongruence - even then neither of these groups of people are trans ( transsexual ) because they are not sufferers of the medical condition that we have.

TTM is a human rights activist group , we aim to restore the rights and recognition that transsexual people once had. Because trans rights aka transsexual rights are human rights.

We are the gate keepers of truth and reason.

With everlasting ❤️

Bree Almeida.

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